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Cape Town, South Africa


Africa is still wild. Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya are home to the African bush and home to the Big Five. There is no better way to experience the beauty and roughness of the African Wildness than by driving yourself through some of the most outstanding game reserves on earth. Accessible in your own vehicle and with guides or fences, but for how much longer? Red tape will soon increase and remove our ability to experience this wild natural wildness the right way.. driving, exploring, and wild camping with lions and elephants on your doorstep, well rather your tent step.


Africa is still accessible, but for how much longer? Want to drive through Africa but don’t have the time to source a vehicle or the bits and pieces to get your overland vehicle ready and reliable before you hit the road? You’re not the first. We specialize in sourcing, mechanical repairs, upgrading, and preparing vehicles for self-drive over-land adventures. We’ve helped Dutch, German, French, South Africans, and many more save precious time and money by putting them in the correct vehicle with the required expedition extras, no matter their budget.


Over the past few years, we’ve had an increase in the number of people wanting help with the purchase and rebuild of a classic or vintage Land Rover. With over 20 years of greasy hand experience, let our extensive knowledge and expertise build you your desired Land Rover. Call us and avoid all the costly mistakes we made when we started.


Fences.. not where we are going. Want to drive through the wildest parts of Botswana and sleep with lions walking past your tent but not sure you want to handle it alone? No problem; that’s why we started our Guided Self-Drive Adventure Division. Bring your vehicle, hire one from us, or have us build you one.. and join a maximum of 6 other vehicles (1 guide vehicle) as we show you the best parts of Botswana, the most secluded campsites, and, of course, the best bars, all with the support of Africa Overland.


The Africa Overland Team

A passion for Land Rovers and a love for the African Bush.” If we had to explain the Africa Overland team in one sentence, this would be it. Once a hobby, turned business, and this is what sets us apart. A passion for what we do.

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Rough..It’s Often Means Ready

Preservation, rather than restoration. Every vehicle has a story, from the vintage game park decals on her to the slightly faded paint. We look to preserve the individual character of each vehicle. That, combined with all necessary mechanical work and some interior cleanups, gives you what we think the perfect adventure vehicle.

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History Has Taught Us Well

There is no substitute for experience. We’ve been “messing about” in Land Rovers for over 20 years now, and let me tell you something: what I know now is priceless. Time, time, and more time, it’s as simple as that. Let our experience save you time and money and get you in the “right” vehicle from the word go.

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Born with a Love for Over landers

There’s just something about an overlander, isn’t there? All slightly different from each other, yet all so sexy. Well, that's how we feel every time we drive past one. Like the person driving it, every vehicle has its individual personality that slowly but surely resembles each other. We strive to help you build the vehicle that suits your adventure style and personality.

With a Love for Classics

After a classic, we know the feeling. The question is, which one? There are many options to choose from when selecting a classic restoration project, as we prefer to say “preservation” project. Canvas top short wheelbase Land Rover series vehicle? Excellent choice, but then again, so is a 1989 Land Cruiser FJ81. Get in touch, and we'll talk through your vehicle options.

An Overland Vehicle to Suit Your Budget

A capable Overland vehicle does not have to bring tears to your eyes when it comes time to open your wallet. We specialize in building an overland vehicle to suit all pockets. Whether you're looking for a complete custom top-of-the-range Land Cruiser kitted out with the best of the best when it comes to extras, no problem, we’ll have you smiling from ear to ear when you take delivery. However, are you a couple of friends wanting to explore Africa on a gap year with limited funds? No problem, we’ve got you covered! You’ll be impressed with what we can offer you when it comes to putting you in a reliable vehicle, and just as capable if not more capable than an option costing four times the amount.

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History in Your Garage: Restored Sunday Drivers

Looking for that perfect Sunday drive vehicle? We know the feeling. Our founders both have their vintage Land Rover Series vehicles rebuilt solely for that purpose. Never left out in the rain, always garaged, and no overlanding extras. A true classic, perfectly restored for that Sunday breakfast run.

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