Africa Ready

Adventure-Ready Builds

Let our experience save you time and money. We handle the entire process from sourcing your desired base vehicle, to the necessary mechanical work, all the way to advising and installing the essential items to get your selected vehicle drive overland-ready.

A "Real" Overlander

Land Rover Defender V8, or a Discovery 1, has a history. When you first look at her, she tells her story through bumps, dents, scratches, and decals. An old Botswana decal.. maybe she's waded across the Delta? Moremi. Malakdadi Pans? This is very much what we love about the old girls. Not only do we love this, we celebrate it. We never remove old decals, minor scratches, or slight fading paint unless totally necessary. We don’t like wiping history; we want you to add to it. We focus on making her 100% mechanically sound, with the essential accessories for your adventure. The outside is rough, real, and ready, and her beautiful individual patina cannot be replicated. Her innards are all meticulously checked, and necessary parts are replaced or attended to, making her, most importantly, a reliable vehicle that you can depend on. Then, of course, there are the fun parts, like fridge sizing for keeping those beers cold.

Overland Ready

The Right Base Vehicle

When going into Africa, the “correct” base vehicle is everything. More modern vehicles with their electronics often leave newbie overlanders stuck in the middle of nowhere without a clue on why the vehicle has ground to a halt, and a local mechanic scratching their heads. Our sourced overland vehicles are selected through experience with no or minimal electronics. This makes them “bush fixable” if something should go wrong.

Your Specific Use Case

Your use case is our starting point. How many travelers? Manuel or auto. Two-week adventure or more extended ones. This all dictates the build-out, or rather the configuration required. I.e., four travelers mean two rooftop tents, which dictates vehicle choice all the way down to jerry can placement, fridge size, and storage solution, to name a few. Call us, and we can discuss the correct setup for you.

Let’s make your Budget Work

On a budget? No problem. Building and overlander doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We offer our clients both budget-friendly options for the young, world travelers, and more “luxury” options for clients who want a few of those “home comforts” while still in the bush. We have plenty of “previously experienced” items like fridges, awnings, roof racks, etc., that, while still in perfect working condition, cost a fraction of the price compared to their new counterparts. Thus making your Overland Vehicle that much more obtainable, without compromising on capability.

Africa Ready

Get In Touch

Always considered an adventure vehicle, but not quite sure where to start? Give us a shout; we’re more than happy to discuss potential options suited to your needs.