Africa Ready

"Custom", But O So Original

We Dislike the Word Custom

Yes, we dislike the word custom. We prefer to look at it like a relationship. Everybody has their “type” right. Well, owning an overland vehicle is precisely the same, and a good partnership starts with the right match and, of course, an attraction.

The Build

The attraction, the match, the relationship. This is where it all starts. We find a vehicle whose natural beauty appeals to you. From there, we do the necessary mechanical work to ensure she’s reliable. Her history, her story is preserved, well with a few additions, of course.

More Affordable than you May Think

Building an overland vehicle does not cost you an arm and a leg. Reliability is a non-negotiable. However, many choices can keep your overland vehicle far more cost-effective than you may think. A basic ammo box storage system does exactly the same as a custom-built aluminum drawer system and only costs a fraction of the price. Get in touch, and let’s get you in a vehicle that is right for you.

Let’s Build Her

From sourcing your base vehicle to the required mechanical repairs, a few nips and tucks here and there, and, of course, the necessary additions to make her Africa-ready. We at Africa Overland will take care of the entire process.

Let us Know What You’re Looking For

Not sure? We are more than happy to help you deciede based on your use case.
More or less what you would happy to spend.
Soft top? Short wheel base, its your choice.