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Your Adventure Vehicle Begins Here

From sourcing the correct vehicle, to mechanical overhauls, fridge size, rooftop tent choice, and more. Let our experience ensure you’re in the right vehicle.

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The Process

It All Starts with the Right Base Vehicle

Chose Your Vehicle

It all starts here. Your base vehicle dictates everything. Are you looking to build an overlander? Then, let's take a look at a Discovery 1 300Tdi. Or is an everyday coastal cruiser more your style? Then why not consider a Soft Top Defender? Let our experience help you select the correct base vehicle.

Over Lander

So you’re after an Overlander, great! We have a few vehicle options here for you. Now it's time to chat more in-depth regarding your overland style. Preventative, mechanical maintenance, and more.

Classic rebuild

Coast-line cruiser. Very nice indeed! A defender 110 soft-top? Or even more of a vintage option in a 76 Land Rover Series 2 88”? Are you a family, a couple, or just wanting a vehicle for your man cave? Let's have a chat and explore your options.

Bells and Whistles

If I said this was the fun part, I’d be lying. Has it all not been fun from the start? Now it's time to decide on the shiny bits and custom interior. Or it is keeping that original techno cloth. Fridge size for your Overlander? What about your canvas roof color for your coastal cruiser? This is where we do the fine-tuning to make sure she suits you.

Africa Overland

Africa’s Overland Vehicle Company

At Africa Overland, we take pride in everything we do. Our approach to vehicle restorations sets us apart if you can even call it that. We prefer the word "preservation". We do not look to erase a vehicle's history to the point that she looks like she has just come off the production line. We strive to find the perfect equilibrium between preserving her history, her patina, and her individual life story, combined with all the mechanical required work needed, and of course, a few "nice to haves." History should never be erased; it should be celebrated.

Let us Know What You’re Looking For

Not sure? We are more than happy to help you deciede based on your use case.
More or less what you would happy to spend.
Soft top? Short wheel base, its your choice.